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Two Golden Hearts
(new journal entry, added Aug 18, 2007 by Tedna)

Two Golden Hearts
The emotional roller coaster this week has been dizzying. It hasnít taken much to send me downhill since last Saturday but two people I have never met sure did more than their part to point me uphill again.

Tuesday morning I was having such a hard time thinking about little Ozzy that I couldnít shake off the tears all morning. I was sitting at my computer and found myself praying really sincerely that I could get past this pain and start to mend. I remember thinking as I for more...

Our Littlest Hero
(new journal entry, added Aug 13, 2007 by Tedna)

I donít know how Ozzyís big heart fit in his little 12 pound body of kinky white hair and fluff. His big brown expressive eyes revealed his unique personality and his love for every member of our family. He loved with his whole body and his enthusiasm was impossible to ignore. He knew how to smile and was the happiest little Bichon Frise on four feet. He spent his entire life trying to make people happy and show his affection and he wanted so much to be a good boy.

He was the tiniest for more...

Do They Even Make Doggy Sunscreen?
(new journal entry, added Jun 12, 2007 by Tedna)

Do they make Doggy Sunscreen?
Poor Ozzy, my 7 year old canine buddy. He's a Bischon. I got him because I fell in love with the Bischon who took Best of Show in the National Championships. Every hair was in place, sparkling white, prancing little steps, well mannered.

Wouldn't you know, my pick of the litter was born with the mentality of "Tramp", the big time doggy actor who prefers junk yards and dirt over class and beauty. Because of this, and because we live in the land of the red dirt for more...

Steele's Conversations
(new journal entry, added Jun 12, 2007 by Tedna)

I'm in love with my grandsons. I only have three out of fifteen grandchildren but they are totally awesome and absolutely make up for what they lack in numbers.

Steele just turned seven and is probably the biggest philosopher of them all, and his hobby is to read and spout facts. Some of the facts he spouts are quite interesting, like the "rock bugs", but most of the time his facts are remembered correctly.

He has one speed, well maybe two speeds; slow and slower. Here are for more...

(new journal entry, added Jun 8, 2007 by Tedna)

Tonight my son in law accused me of slowly killing my blog. I think it has "failure to thrive" from lack of attention. I've had so many emotions clanging around my headlately it is hard to settle on one mood long enough to write something. I've had so many pent up emotions I have hardly dared to open the door for fear they would swarm out like a hive of angry bees and attack anyone standing in their way. I know writing is good therapy but I'm from the old school and it is hard for me to write for more...

Death, or Is it Birth?
(new journal entry, added Apr 23, 2007 by Tedna)

Six years ago on Valentine's Day I had one of the most spiritual experiences of my life as I witnessed birth and death. I was fortunate to be in the room with my daughter in law and son at the birth of their 3rd little girl Excitement reverberated off the walls as she first appeared and then took her first breath of life. Suddenly there was a new person in the room and her body was alive and wiggling and making noise. The miracle of birth is one of the most phenomenal events there is. for more...

River Gazing
(new story entry, added Mar 16, 2007 by Sandra Dee)

Grandma told me once,
with cheek in palm
while sitting at the kitchen table,

about the river.
How she hardly noticed
her boys

reaching blindly
for snapping turtles buried
beneath boulders

and mud.
She told of fingertips,
dead white

from dirty dishwater
soaked of it's clean
aroma, curling

the knife,
and whiskey breath
against her ear,

a purpled eye.
She told how drops

of steam
eased down the pane,

upon a chipped sill,
eroding her for more...

Canon 100-400L IS Error 99
(new journal entry, added Mar 8, 2007 by Warren)

I have 5 Canon lenses (EF 50mm 1.8, 24-70 2.8L, 28-135 IS, 75-300 IS, 100-400L IS, 70-200 2.8L IS) and 2 bodies (1D MII, and 10D). Iíve also had other Canon equipment, an Elan, D60, and other lenses. Iíve spent over $15,000 on Canon Photography gear. In the past few years Iíve gone with their pro gear. For those of you who arenít camera buffs, the ďLĒ lenses are the professional line; ultra sharp, extremely durable, and way expensive.

I had minor problems with the 100-400L shortly after for more...